Formula 6 Espresso Beans.

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Some years ago, l spent hours and hours cupping and cupping to get this coffee just as it should be. The complexity of making great espresso is that apart from perfecting this unique beverage, it is the base for so many other tastes or drinks. Some of the intention was to create a coffee that was easy to make. I can get boring here.... For a change, I thought I would let the world know what's involved in this coffee...

Formula 6 is a very special blend of coffee....and has been on our list consistently for more than the last 10 years. Possibly the longest running seasonal espresso in the UK specialty coffee business?

Currently We are using :


30% Fazenda Samambaia, Brazil 100% yellow bourbon
30% Fazenda Sertaozinho, Brazil
16% Guatemala Conception Pixicaya Lot #1 
16% Guatemalan Finca Cuxinales, Genuine Antigua
8% El Salvador Finca Suiza Micro Lot

Formula 6 espresso is cupped and roast profiled daily. This ensures your craft espresso coffee is consistent and in peak condition.

In the words of (the great) Bob Dylan the times they are a changing!! Formula 6 is experiencing a small shift as we introduce some new single farms and varietals. It feels like the changes are relatively frequent as we specialise in buying microlots, which average between 10 and 40 bags. As we are amidst the central season we have a little more juice in the "6", across the blend as we try and roast things to work within the WBC brewing parameters where we can. When its rested, you should get a super balanced espresso that has great body, fruit and bags of chocolate.On a personal level I prefer a smaller throw for espresso, but it doesn't hurt to have a coffee that works between 92& 94.5C and up to the dizzy and uneconomical levels of 20g+.

As many of you may know I am a coffee socialist and I really want to keep F6 available to as many of the people, as much of the time! although coffee prices often squeeze me. 

Customer Reviews (view all) Average Rating 5

Anonymous Rated: 5 Great flavour
Over the past week I've been helping my brother establish his new coffee shop, and formula 6 is their bean of choice.

I don't exaggerate when I say that the flavour and smell of this coffee is gorgeous, and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Anonymous Rated: 5 Spectacular Espresso
I had tried this before but I was hunting through various espresso for the past two years and I have decided, for me, this is the best Espresso you can get.

At 18g loads of body and the wonderful, traditional, yet fruity Espresso.

This comes into its own at 14g which has wowed me today, less body as you would expect but clarity of flavour is spectacular, try it, trust me.

Kresimir Dabcevic Rated: 4 very good
I have been having some very decent espressos from my first batch of Formula 6.. Very good espresso blend, even though, by failing to create that "wow" effect in me, falls short from the absolute best blends I've had the chance to try..

Christopher Hingston Rated: 5 Awesome!
I like to try a variety of beans when I order, but always include and look forward to the F6. It is simply reliably good across a range of temps. At it's best in milk based drinks for me!

Rachel Parker Rated: 5 superb
I have tried numerous coffees since buying my Rancilio silvia and macap grinder. This is by far the most reliable for achieving a smooth espresso. I cannot recommend highly enough. Also, faultless service having placed my order on a Wednesday evening, the beans were delivered on two days later, within 5 minutes of the estimated time! Shame I had to wait for a few days to use them, but hey. Worth the wait.

Mark Goodfellow Rated: 5 Simple the best
I have been using No 6 as my everyday Espresso for several years since I discovered it at the Abergavenny food Festival. I alternate it with Jame's other Espresso blends for variety but I just keep comming back for it its simple the best Espresso i have ever found.

Anonymous Rated: 5 c'est formidable
Since trying this, my coffee intake has gone through the roof. Thanks James you lovable insomnia inducing bean grinding genius! Don't go anywhere, I'll be back... and for ten bags this time!!!!

Gary Johnston Rated: 4 Well worth the wait
Just received my order which included some Formula 6 and although it took a little time.

Adam O'Donnell Rated: 5 Really Good !
Keep coming back to this it really is good. Full coffee taste with chocolatey notes which I like. If I'm making coffee for friends I always use this because I can depend on it to impress.

Jonathan Osborne Rated: 5 Happy First Customer
Having never ordered from James Gourmet before I was delighted to discover this excellent espresso blend. A fantastically smooth and balanced shot of espresso that was equally good with milk. I think I have found my default espresso blend......thanks James Gourmet

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